Who am I ?

With my dual French and Spanish citizenship (Spanish parents - Born in France), I quickly acquired a taste for foreign languages.

I hold a DEUG , a License and a Maîtrise (4-year university degree) in Applied Foreign Languages (specialized Business and Trade) from the University of Metz. I also hold a D.E.S.S. (5-year university degree) in International Business and Trade from the University of Caen.

Thanks to my origins, my studies and my professional experience within international companies (I spent over 10 years coordinating sales in Latin American and European countries), I have acquired a very good command of both English and Spanish languages.

I can translate :
- from Spanish and English to French
- from French and English to Spanish

Except being particularly fond of languages and cultures, the "desire to communicate" is what motivates me to constantly improve myself. Communication is the basis of all relationships and tearing down linguistic barriers is a challenge I want to take up.

Translating is my job, but it is above all an opportunity for me to live my passion on a daily basis.

If you want to see my curriculum, please click here CV of the translator

Aristide REGAL