Code of professional conduct

A translator is a professional who is subject to specific rules governing their professional conduct. This code of professional conduct is determined by the professional bodies they answer to, and covers the following aspects:

Probity and integrity
Translators must conduct their business with probity and integrity: these form the basis of the relationship of trust established with the contracting party.
Translators undertake not to accept any assignments which would require them to undermine their dignity or that of the profession.

Translators undertake to work according to best industry practices, faithfully conveying the message of the documents entrusted to them.

Translators are bound by non-disclosure rules. The only exceptions to this are the specific requirements of their own legal defence, cases where declaration and reassessment is allowed or authorised by law, or subject to the express agreement of the ordering party.
Non-disclosure relates to all information and all documents supplied to them.

Aristide REGAL has signed the
Société Française des Traducteurs Code of Professional Conduct

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